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  • Les 2 présents :

    07 août 2008 ( #Grammaire )

    Vous n'arrivez pas à faire la différence entre le présent simple et le présent BE+ING : cette vidéo peut vous aider à y voir plus clair ! LE PRESENT SIMPLE : Si des liens ne fonctionnent pas ou vous renvoient vers des pages qui ne correspondent pas aux...

  • Séquence 1 4eme LV2 Alphabet

    29 août 2014 ( #4eme LV2 )

    The Alphabet Let's revise your ABC : - prononciation. - How to spell a word. 1) Some songs to learn your ABC : choose what you like most and sing ! Now let's practise your ABC ! Click on the link below : link link link link

  • U2 : I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

    18 juillet 2008 ( #Songs )

    Here is a very famous song by U2, an Irish band, which gives you a great opportunity to work the present perfect tense !!! Focus and concentrate yourself on the lyrics and try to fill in the blanks. I ............. .................... highest .........................

  • Dire Straits : The Telegraph Road

    18 juillet 2008 ( #Songs )

    A good song to work the preterit !!! Listen carefully and try to fill in the blanks. Click on the Deezer link to listen to the song ......... .......... .............. ............ came a man on a track Walking ................. miles with a ...................

  • An Englishman in New York

    04 février 2009 ( #Songs )

    Here is a famous song by Sting talking about the difficulties of being different in our society. Click on the deezer link to listen to the song & try to fill in the blanks ! I don't ................................ coffee I take ....................................

  • 9/11 Memorial

    31 octobre 2014 ( #4eme bilangues )

    The architect Daniel Libeskind was tasked with creating the first design studies for the site. This led to the creation of his 'masterplan' for the whole area - which remains the foundation of what is taking shape. Other architects have been commissioned...

  • Les modaux "will, may, might"

    04 mai 2012 ( #Grammaire )

    Il s'agit ici d'émettre une probabilité sur la réalisation d'une action. Will sert à exprimer une certitude quant à ce que qui va arriver. May sert à exprimer une possibilité (50 %). Might pour dire qu'un évènement est peu probable mais pas impossible....

  • Bonfire Night

    02 novembre 2014

    Watch this movie extract from V For Vendetta and try to guess the character who is referred to. What is the date given to illustrate his purpose ? What happened on that day ? Watch these two videos to learn about the Gunpowder Plot : Answer these questions...

  • Love & Friendship

    04 novembre 2013 ( #Séquence 3e )

    An other interactive book to help you in your learning ! link Here is a video that may help you for your final task !

  • Let's work the passive form !

    12 juillet 2008 ( #Grammaire )

    La différence entre la voix active et la voix passive réside essentiellement sur le point de vue émis. Je m'explique : imaginez que vous êtes réalisateur de cinéma ! Avec la voix active, vous filmez et proposez un plan large de l'action alors qu'avec...

  • Les 2 prétérits

    21 octobre 2008 ( #Grammaire )

    Quelles sont les différentes valeurs du prétérit simple et du prétérit BE+ING ? Cette question vous hante jour et nuit ? Cette vidéo vous aidera peut être à saisir la nuance entre les deux. Vous remarquerez qu'il s'agit pratiquement de la même distinction...

  • New York & les questions en "How"

    05 février 2009 ( #Grammaire )

    Let's start with a short overview of Manhattan and see what it looks like ! Learn how to use questions to ask information about New york. First, watch the video & try to formulate the questions, then you'll find the correction just below the screen !...

  • The WH- wheel questions

    15 septembre 2009 ( #Grammaire )

    Make a pause at random and ask a question corresponding to the picture. You can have a look at the whole range of questions (just below the screen) to check if you're right ! Good luck ! How long is the movie ? How many pencils are there ? Where is the...

  • Numbers & colours

    21 septembre 2009 ( #Lexique )

    Give the number, and then its colour ! Example : Twelve is black... You can check your answers just below the screen. Sixty-eight is blue. Seventy-one is yellow. Seven is orange. Fifty-five is pink. Seven hundred and seventy-seven is orange. Four thousand...

  • Animals save the planet !

    04 décembre 2011 ( #Miscellaneous )

    The scene takes place in a field. We can see a grove in the background. A cow and a sheep are grazing peacefully. The cow can't help farting and she feels embarrassed. The farts are so powerful that she takes off like a plane and flies in the sky. If...

  • La voix passive

    04 mai 2012 ( #Grammaire )

    A quoi sert la voix passive en anglais ? Comment construit-on une phrase à la voix passive ? Rien de plus simple ! Suivez-nous ici! Et maintenant un petit film pour vous exercer tout en vous amusant. Poursuivons avec un exercice d'application dans lequel...

  • School cliques

    27 octobre 2009

    Let's have a look at the different cliques of teenagers in the U.S.A. What are their so-called particularities ? Then, imagine you give a friend of yours some advice concerning his or her behaviour. Please, use "should" & "shouldn't". Here is a famous...

  • Séquence 1 4e LV2 Meeting

    29 août 2014 ( #4eme LV2 )

    Here are some questions you can ask someone when you meet for the first time : Let's practice with these oral comprehension activities : click on the links below ! link link link link link link


    22 juillet 2013 ( #Séquence 3e )

    In this interactive book, you will learn vocabulary about politics and some facts about JFK. You can also find in the last page the animations for your written comprehension "The secrets of Kennedy assassination". link

  • Frankenstein mashup !

    17 février 2015 ( #3eme bilangues )

    Have a look at the genuine extract and try to understand the content of the dialogue : Now, watch this mashup ! This is the task you will have to achieve. Be creative, and have fun !

  • Shops vocabulary

    15 octobre 2012 ( #Lexique )

  • Buffalo Soldier

    10 janvier 2009 ( #Songs )

    Here is a famous song by Bob Marley talking about black slavery. This movie is a mix of the official video clip and some extracts from "Uncle Sam Cabin" , describing the appalling conditions of slaves when they were shipped to the Americas. Some facts...

  • Wales and Scotland

    14 janvier 2009 ( #Lexique )

    A short overview of Wales & Scotland with some vocabulary to talk about myths and legends.

  • City life

    01 février 2009 ( #Lexique )

    Some words that might be useful during a trip abroad !

  • School facilities

    21 septembre 2009 ( #Lexique )

    Let's tour an American college in California, the fees of which, only cost more than 10,000$ a year ! It will be a good opportunity to learn some words to talk about various school facilities !

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