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2 novembre 2014 7 02 /11 /novembre /2014 17:59

Watch this movie extract from V For Vendetta and try to guess the character who is referred to. What is the date given to illustrate his purpose ? What happened on that day ?





Watch these two videos to learn about the Gunpowder Plot :

Answer these questions :

1) Who was Will Danby ?

2) Can you remember any of the names of the plotters ?

3) Why were they plotting to kill the King and destroy the Parliament ?

4) How did they plan to do this ?

5) Who was to light the fuse ?

6) How was Guy Fawkes captured ?

7) Who wrote the letter ?

8) How were the plotters punished ?

9) What happened to Catholics as a result of the plot ?









Now, play this game to check if you remember well what you've just learnt !
Guy Fawkes was imprisoned for three days before being sentenced to death. He was jailed at the Tower of London best known as the Bloody Tower !!! Let's have a look at this incredible momument in the heart of London.

In the Tower of London, torture could be used to get some information. Guy Fawkes probably went throught it and experienced the rack... Let's check out what it was about !
There was also "The Scavenger's daughter", a dreadful torture tool !

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