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15 septembre 2009 2 15 /09 /septembre /2009 22:44
Make a pause at random and ask a question corresponding to the picture. You can have a look at the whole range of questions (just below the screen)  to check if you're right ! Good luck !

How long is the movie ?
How many pencils are there ?
Where is the Statue of Liberty ?
Who is the man ?
How long is the desk ?
Where do you live ?
Why is she crying ?
Which pet do you prefer ?
Why are you sad ?
How much milk do you want ?
How much is this car ?
How many languages do you speak ?
Where is the train station ?
How long is the swimming pool ?
Why is he laughing ?
At what time do you get up ?
At what time do you have breakfast ?
Which girl do you prefer ?
How many computers are there ?
Where is the White House ?
When is your birthday ?
How much is an ice-cream ?
Where is Big Ben ?
Why are you happy ?
At what time do you take the bus ?
Which sport do you prefer ?
What do you like to eat ?
Who are they ?
What colours are their hair ?
Why are they fighting ?
Where is the Eiffel Tower ?

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